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~The Krieger Family (Choice)~

~The Nazel Family of Ohio (M)

~The Kingston Family of Pennsylvania (F)

~The Harmon Family of Oklahoma (M)

~The Williams Family of Ohio (M)



$3,000.00 AKC Full Registration & ALL Solids

$2,500.00 AKC Limited Registration


$800.00 Deposit is required to hold puppy of choice. Deposits are non-refundable (exceptions: number of male / female puppies; health of the puppy).

Thank you for your excitement & patience!!


Here at Deja Blue Great Danes, we strive to be the breeder of choice. Not only are our Danes part of our family... the offspring from our Blue (color pure) European Great Danes become part of other loving families as well. That is what we strive to perfect- giving loving families an opportunity to own one of our very special dogs. Deja Blue Great Danes is a small, family oriented breeding establishment. Our focus is to produce high quality AKC Blue (color pure) Great Danes with a minimum of 60% European heritage. Our offspring from Lenox & Loklyn are bred for show, pet and/or companion homes. Above all, striving for the best temperament, confirmation, sound health and longevity. Please be sure to read over our entire website & give great thought to the idea of purchasing a Great Dane puppy. Adding one of these "Gentle Giants" to your family or home is a life-long commitment & should not be taken lightly! Please do all the research you can on Great Danes as every one of them deserves to have a well informed, knowledgeable owner to ensure his/her safety, happiness, well being & health throughout their life. Great Danes are very special dogs and require owners that can supply very special time and attention. Great Danes are the best- just ask any owner(s) of one!!!


We are a "hands on" breeder. A lot of people ask "What does this mean?"... Well, it means a TON of things. From the time momma becomes pregnant (I use the term momma because the term "bitch" doesn't seem to set well in a house with two little kids under the age of 7 - HEHE) she is pampered... no.. I mean REALLY pampered! From making the best gruel (momma food) for her all the way to keeping her comfy - INSIDE our house on her own bed- not in a tiki hut, some silly shack, caged in area or barn out back. Now don't get me wrong... we don't have a litter of pups running around the inside of our house going pee and poop everywhere- Good Lord NO! When the pups get old enough to move around on their own, we have them in the garage (contained and not running free). There are so many things that normal breeders choose to do (by choice or not) during a normal breeding and whelping process that we do not. Having a dozen puppies on the ground (or whelped) can be easy if you choose to make it that way..... but we do not. It literally is like having a dozen newborn babies to feed. Yes, this means breaking out the bottle and supplement feeding each and every one of them- and not just once a day either. Get the note book, take notes on who fed well, who didn't, how much they consumed, record their weight weekly, and yes- bathe them once a week... not just the day you pick them up. There is just an exponential amount of things that go into a breeding/whelping process that many breeders shortcut on or even simply don't know about.

We have done tons of research and planning to make this right and we refuse to screw it up. We do not want this to sound like a gripe session because it is not.... we love it... and in the long run, it pays off and it pays off BIG TIME. Why? Well, because the puppies get used to the handling, they are well (and evenly) nourished, they develop well and most importantly- they get to be a puppy and LOVE it. Now the bad part---- we need to find them homes. This is where you come in.... sad for us... but you get a "socialized" blue Great Dane like no other- GUARANTEED!!!!  Also, references are available right now..... no joke.... call our vet at "All Creatures Veterinary Clinic" in Rittman, Ohio. Call and ask for Dr. Larry Markley and ask him what he thinks of us. He is an AMAZING vet and in our honest opinion- he is the best. We would be so pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what any of your needs and/or questions are. We will be more than happy to help. We don't like to brag at all.... but we do seem to be the best "hands-on" breeder this side of the North Pole!!! Thank for visiting Deja Blue Great Danes!!!

The Krieger family


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